26 Things I’ve Learnt in 26 Years

My name is Bella Rose, and this week I celebrate my 26th birthday.

I’m a Capricorn; I shamelessly love pink, croissants are my favourite food, and according to science, my frontal lobe has now developed - so I’m taking that as permission to share some learnings about my short time here so far.

As the founder of Love Lusso, this year I have decided to launch a new brand pillar, titled Lusso Lifestyle’s, whereby I interview fabulous women I admire about the wellness routines and rituals behind the scenes that create the highlight reel we see online. I believe that taking care of ourselves is the highest act of self-love, and I want to showcase all the different, beautiful, and personal practices each of us commits to, to feel like the best version of ourselves.

Given I’ll be pulling the curtain back on other people’s lives, I thought it would only be fitting to share a little bit more about me on here. In honor of my 26th lap around the sun and the beginning of a new year, I’ve compiled a list of 26 things I’ve learned in 26 years. Take with you what resonates, and leave what doesn’t.

Enjoy, love B x

  1. Connection with others is above all the most important thing in this life. The experiences and emotions you share with your friends and family are what make the human existence so special. Spend more time with your loved ones, and actually tell them you love them.

  2. Female friendships will fulfil you in more ways than a lover ever could. No one person can be everything to you, nor should they. Real, true friendships often last a lifetime - lovers come and go. As the honorary Carrie Bradshaw said, "Maybe Our Girlfriends Are Our Soulmates And Guys Are Just People To Have Fun With."

  3. Letting go is the most important skill to cultivate. This applies to every facet of your life. Once you can learn to let go of emotions and feelings that don’t serve you, you’re free. Harbouring negative emotions literally serves no one and probably gives you wrinkles.

  4. The current moment is all we ever have. The past and the future only ever exist in the current moment we’re living in. So don’t waste your time worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet or trying to change something that you can’t. Read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

  5. Keep your skincare routine simple and remain consistent. As with French beauty philosophy, less is more. Find the products that work for you and stick to them. I’m personally into the Love Lusso Glow Oil…

  6. You don’t have to hop on every trend. Be aware of what pops up and take bits of the ones that suit your personal style authentically. It’s a bit like a sushi train. You see plenty of yummy plates go by, but you only pick up the ones you really want.

  7. Wear whatever makes you feel most fabulous. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. And never underestimate the power of an accessory.

  8. People come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Take the lessons from those that give them to you and relish in the love that you share with others. People naturally come and go in life, and it’s our resistance to letting them go that causes more suffering. Express gratitude for the ones that stay.

  9. The way somebody reacts emotionally is not your responsibility, so long as you always lead from a place of love and respect. Always do your best in every situation and if that’s not enough for them, then that’s their problem.

  10. Don’t ignore the red flags. Your gut is always right. The warning signs are often always there from the beginning, so it’s important to foster the ability to trust your intuition over needing short-term, superficial emotional security.

  11. Mumma bear always knows best.

  12. If you don’t have your health, you truly don’t have anything. Invest in yourself from the inside out. Move your body, drink water and eat whole nutritious foods.

  13. You can love yoga & meditation and you can also love cocktails & dance floors. Life is about balance. Devote yourself to the rituals you love while also indulging in pleasures that bring you joy. You’re allowed to do both.

  14. Remember what brought you joy as a child and reconnect with these activities. It’s so important to cultivate childlike joy & creativity in life. It’s often when we connect with our inner child that we have the biggest breakthroughs.

  15. Read every day. Nourish your brain. Switch out your evening doom scrolling for an old-fashioned book.

  16. Find exercise that you truly love. There’s no need to put your body through something that it doesn’t enjoy. You’ll see the results you want faster by doing workouts that help regulate your nervous system.

  17. If it’s not a fuck yes, it’s a no. Trust your gut.

  18. Meditation can change your life. Cultivate the habit of quieting your mind just like brushing your teeth. The clarity this practice brings you has a profound ripple effect on your life, and you’ll eventually start looking forward to it every morning.

  19. Take the time to really think about if the path you’re on is really what you want for yourself. If it’s not, think about the changes you need to make and actually take action. You have permission to design the life you want.

  20. An attitude of gratitude makes for a beautiful life. You can always find one small thing to be grateful for in every moment. Our world is hardwired towards negativity, so it’s important to consciously choose to view the world differently.

  21. Roadblocks and rejection are just redirection. Re-frame your outlook on a situation to propel you forwards rather than backward. You can take a lesson from everything that happens to you in life. The universe is actually always conspiring in your favour.

  22. It’s important to clearly identify your values and live by them. They will be your guiding compass in every area of your life - love, work, friendships, opportunities etc. Once the rose-coloured glasses come off and you notice your values aren’t in alignment with a person, place or thing, then nothing else really matters.

  23. Do you actually like him, or is he just giving you attention? Ask yourself whether this person expands or contracts your energy. Keep your heart open and but your standards high.

  24. Listen to your body. Rest before you burnout. Don’t wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honour.

  25. Everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.

  26. Above all, love is the most important thing. Love will be your greatest teacher, and it will also bring you the purest joy and happiness in this life. Always lead with love.

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